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Vol #70 May 2021
Division One of the North Central Region of the National Model Railroad Assoc.
Our mission is to promote education and fellowship through the sharing of information and the promotion of the world's greatest hobby. - Model Railroading.

View from the Cab

cab My friends, please indulge me as I experience a nostalgia moment. In September, 2013, I posted my first View from the Cab column in the Black Swamp Division Train Order. As your new Superintendent, i was brimming with optimism for the future of our group. I talked about the upcoming regional convention, Maumee Express, which was scheduled for April, 2014. I also used the occasion to promote some "new wrinkles" in our Show-n-Tell program and encouraged members to step up with submissions. Fast forward to now. Eight years and sixty-four columns later, my closing thoughts haven't changed much. First, we will soon be hosting another NCR convention! Black Swamp Junction 2021 is shaping up as a fantastic four-day event and October 21-24 will be here before we know it. And second, I'm still beating the drum for Show-n-Tell. I always cherish those times we spend at each meeting when members share what they are building and learning. That just goes to the heart of who we are and what we do together. Over these years, we have enjoyed some enlightening clinics, shared some wonderful field trips, gained a bunch of new members, and lost a few dear ones. As I pass the gavel to Marshall Stull, my enthusiasm is renewed by his capabilities and fresh ideas. I'm still having a blast with this gang and I hope you are too. I plan to channel my energies in sharing more of my modeling efforts and helping others any way I can.

Our upcoming Zoom meeting on May 28 will be our last of the '20-'21 season and we will take our usual break for the Summer. Recently I was notified the the Proclaim Community Center where we meet will reopen in August, so your leadership team will move at full throttle toward resuming live meetings in September! Stay tuned for emails on plans to hold one or two social activities during the Summer break. And finally, I want to give a huge THANK YOU for the support and assistance you have provided during my terms as Superintendent!

See ya on down the line,
Dave McMullian,

Clinic Corner

Next Zoom Meeting


Below is the invitation with links to join the May 28 meeting. Note: the "doors" (or in this case windows) open at 6:30PM so the customary getting acquainting time can occur. We will also be providing pointers on video, cameras, sound and miscellaneous issues. At 7:00PM we will begin the official meeting.
Topic: Black Swamp Division Zoom Meeting - May 28, 2021
Time: May 28, 2021 06:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting https://zoom.us/j/93350496734?pwd=bHA3YXpYRHFLQ3NCaUF3MXZzbllPQT09
Meeting ID: 933 5049 6734
Passcode: 304131

Listen by Phone: +1 312 626 6799


As announced in our prior meeting, we have put out a challenge to everyone to bring to the meeting a favorite photo of a layout/model scene. If you have the ability, we ask that you make this your zoom background, if you cannot just be prepared to share the image in the meeting. NOTE: the image does not have to be your layout!!! It can be a layout that inspires you or a favorite photo of a friend's layout. We welcome creativity! This photo is from Malcolm Furlow's Denver and Rio Chama Western. Malcolm's modeling was an inspiration to me early on.


May Clinic

For May we are taking a different approach and will have discussions on the types of NMRA SIGs, who some of the big ones are and what they do. To assist with this, we will have five guests, each representing SIGs who will give us quick overviews of what their SIG represents and what you can get out of it. SIG topics include:

  • American Civil War Rail Road Historical Society - Thom Radice/DC Cebula
  • Layout Design SIG - John Young
  • Operations SIG - Eric Smith
  • MSS (Modular Signal System) SIG - Jere Ingram
  • Steel Mill Modelers Special Interest Group (SMMSIG) - Jim DiPaola

SIGs have been around for some time, but it seems many members take them for granted. In just doing research for this clinic, I found out several facts I had not known, and it even convinced me to signup up for one of them (I was already a member of another, can you guess which one?).


FUTURE CLINICS - We need feedback!!!

This will be my last CLINIC CORNER article as I transition to Division Superintendent beginning at our September meeting. I have to say, I have had fun working with all the great personalities that have crossed our path and provided content for our meetings. The September meeting will introduce Brian Burr as our new Assistant Superintendent!

At this point, we need clinics for September and November. If you have an idea for a clinic you would like to present, please get in touch with me via e-mail at mstull@marshallstull.com. Remember, doing presentations/clinics earns you points toward an Author and Volunteer Categories in the NMRA Achievement Program!

Clinic Survey


Remember, we cannot bring you the subjects you want if you do not tell us! Please click this link and make your wishes come true! FYI, you can vote for multiple subjects!

We cannot bring you the subjects you want if you do not tell us what you need! For the last few months, we have had a survey on-line for people to vote for and propose future clinic subjects. Our upcoming clinics are a result of that feedback! Please click this link and make your needs known! Remember, you can vote for multiple subjects!

Marshall Stull,
Assistant Superintendent