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Vol #56
November 2019

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Division One of the North Central Region of the National Model Railroad Assoc.
Our mission is to promote education and fellowship through the sharing of information and the promotion of the world's greatest hobby. - Model Railroading.

Railroad Item of the Month

In case you did not know.


Paul Marsden

View from the Cab

cab Friends, I am going to be brief here this month. Deadlines loom and I'm tired (total honesty alert!) but I do want to remind you of a couple of things.

First, our Christmas Party is coming up on Friday, December 13, and the November 22 meeting is the deadline for reservations. You will find details elsewhere in the Train Order but plan to bring your payment to the meeting and sign up for your meal preference. Cost is $25 per person and includes the service gratuity. I expect the Radisson will do an outstanding job for us and I know you will like the facility.

Second, plan to participate in our annual Chinese Auction at the party. The more the merrier and it's always good for laughs, fellowship, and you score a cool gift! It should be something new, valued at $20 or more, and broad in appeal. Tools, supplies, scenery, etc. that cross all gauges are best to assure the recipient has a use. The best guideline is to bring a gift that you would like to receive! Don't forget to gift-wrap it, but no identification. Creative "stealth" packaging is always enjoyed.

Finally, I want to once again encourage you to bring models or pics on flash drives to Show-n-Tell at the November meeting. I cannot stress enough how important it is for us to share what we are building and learning. Do not worry that something is "not new" or "too simple" or "not finished" or whatever. We are all in different places on our modeling journeys, and anything you show will interest someone, as well as stimulate conversation and further member input. So mark your calendars and meet me at Proclaim FM on November 22. Doors open at 6, meeting starts at 7.

See ya on down the line,

Dave McMullian,

From the Editors Desk

cabLast month I asked if fall had finally arrived, and here I am writing this looking out at snow on the ground. At least I cannot be dealing with the leaves if I cannot see them.

I had fun at the Division 8 convention a week or so ago. It is always fun sitting in on clinics, and going to see layouts. I took some (cough) pictures from the layouts I went too. Set myself a dificult task picking ones out for the train order.

We have already got a good start on our convention next year, if you click on the convention logos, in the Railroad Item of the Month, they will take you to the convention web site. Watch our web site, that is about to have a redesign. Both sites should be phone/tablet friendly, let me know if you experience any issues. I would prefer to hear about it from division one members, rather than the general public.

If you did not know, as well as looking after the web site for the convention, I am the registrar as well. We should have forms to hand out at our meetings. I have had registrations already come in.

Paul Marsden,

Upcoming Meeting

How they do it on the prototype

It's only November and we have already had 6+ inches of snow (at least at my house). So even though it is cold outside, we have joining us this month a very special guest with warm stories of life on the railroad. Let's shake off the snow and join together to hear tales from the railroad with Charles (Chuck) Geletzke Jr.

cabChuck was employed by various railroads for 45 years before his retirement. During that time, he was employed by Grand Trunk, Delray Connecting, Missouri Pacific and the Detroit & Toledo Shore Line. Chuck has had numerous articles published in various railroad and historical publications. Chuck's recent writing accomplishments have been the historical publication The Detroit & Toledo Shore line Railroad "Expressway For Industry" and four additional publications with such notable titles as Don't Flush in the Station and Other Railroad Stories and When Deadhead Counted As Rest and Other Railroad Stories.

cabChuck has presented at several NMRA events in the past and some of you may remember him from the Lansing convention. The presentation will revolve around how the railroad crew operated in real life situations and how that can be reflected in our model railroads and how we operate them. Chuck's talks are full of life even if we are discussing brake tests, hot boxes or the odd event that occur during the job.

Chuck will have a limited number of books available for purchase at the meeting for those who may be interested.

Marshall Stull,
Assistant Superintendent

2019 Christmas Party Menu

Entree Choices:

Gouda & Bacon Stuffed Chicken
Salmon Filet with Creamy Dill Sauce
Cider Pork Loin

All meals include:

Cost including service $25 per person

Show and Tell

Your pictures could be here next month!!!

Steve Glass

General Store

porch exterior

Norm Cattell

His very first car that he weathered

Bill Vollmar.

His latest addition for his layout (Gilded Gerty's Saloon)

2019 Convention

What did you do?
I attended 4 clinics, 3 about servos, which I picked up a few things, then I sat in on Sam Sawnson's clinic about delving into details, I was happy I got in early, people where standing by the time it started.

Below are random pictues I took.


2019-2020 Schedule

13th September, 2019
25th October, 2019
22nd November, 2019
24th January, 2020
28th February, 2020
27th March, 2020
24th April, 2020
22nd May, 2020
All Meetings start at 7pm

Remember we are hosting the regional convention in 2020. We can never have too many volunteers. Let Dave McMullian know if you would like to help

Need to know where we meet? Click here for the address and a map
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