New clinics and topics are in the works for this year's convention. We have made it a goal to only have clinics which are new or subjects which have not been seen in at least two years. Even with this lofty goal, the list of clinics continues to grow, and new clinics will be added right up to the convention. Keep an eye on this page or sign-up for e-mail updates to keep up with the changes.

The theme for this year’s convention is Rail Marine. This coincides with Toledo’s historical role as a major port on the great lakes. Toledo has a long and strong history of railroading, being served by 20+ railroads during the 20th century. Clinics are planned to reveal the rich history of the Rail Marine interface and the NW Ohio/SE Michigan areas railroads.

Clinic Schedule

We are working hard on the schedule and will post a detailed schedule as soon as we can make it available.

Clinics will occur Friday and Saturday. We are working hard on the schedule to try and have every subject available at multiple times so attendees can see as much as possible.