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Division One Meeting Minutes February 01, 2019.
January Meeting
Supt. McMullian called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. We had one guest at the meeting, Doug Fleischman of Tecumseh, MI. There were 31 members and guests in attendance.
Business Meeting

1. The Christmas party The Supt. asked for comments about how the members felt about the Christmas party at the French Quarter Holiday Inn in Perrysburg went. No specific comments were made but the consensus was that the evening was a success.

2. Elections The Supt. reminded members that elections for the next two-year officer cycle were coming up in April. Dave encouraged members interested in becoming officers to let him know no later than the March meeting.

3. 2020 NCR regional convention update: Dave reminded members that the FQHI of Perrysburg was sold and is slated to be torn down. Our new convention site will be the Radisson Hotel on the campus of the UTMC. Next planning committee meeting for the convention will be held later in the spring.

4. NMRA AP (achievement program) Ron Gilbert gave the members a presentation on the NMRA AP (achievement program). Phil Kaufman received the "Golden Spike" award for completing his layout. Ron went on to discuss the AP program and the Master Model Railroader program of the national organization. Anyone interested in more information on these programs can go to on click on "education" tab. Follow the links to the AP and MMR pages.

5. Future Meetings Supt. McMullian opened the meeting to a discussion on what future activities members would like to see. It was generally agreed that we should continue with the open house/layout of the month activity.
Jerry Sahagian's layout will be open in February;
Jim Walsifer of Swanton will have his home layout open in March. Jim is also working on a 7.5" gauge live steam layout that he hopes to have opened later in the summer.
Roger Jensen will have his layout open in April.
Please look at upcoming issues of the Train Order for dates and times for these tours.

Norm Cattell suggested that the division establish a registry of layouts either finished or in progress in order to have a group of layouts that can be toured on an ongoing basis so members can see progress and layout builders can canvas other modelers on ways to solve layout/modeling problems.

We will continue to have panel discussion clinics on selected subjects. In February, we will have a panel discussion clinic on turnout controls. There have been a great number of new technical innovations in this area over the past few years and it promises to be an informative session.

We also discussed the possibility of doing make-n-take clinics. The division will look into the possibility of doing such a clinic with either small laser kits, or possibly paper downloadable buildings.


Steve Glass brought in two small laser kits he had built of B & O prototype buildings. Kits were from American Model builders and Mountain Miniature Productions (no longer in business).

Roger Jensen brought in an On30 0-6-0 he converted to S scale to build a Lakeside and Marblehead 2-6-0. He also brought in two wooden passenger cars that he had converted to Lakeside and Marblehead cars. Rogers's engine conversion was featured in the S gauge magazine Dispatch.

Jim Treadaway brought in three cars he built from old Ambroid wooden car kits. The cars were built for his 'Stinky Creek" railroad.

Norm Cattell brought in a sample of Gator Foam, similar to foam core board. Gator Foam has a wood veneer finish that makes is very strong but very light weight. This product would be good to use for building cores. Norm also brought in a very useful tool called a 'head light." This is a small light attached to an adjustable headband that can be worn around the head. This looks like it would be a very good tool to use on under the layout wiring projects where you need light and both hands. This item can be purchased at the Home Depot stores.

Dave McMullian gave us an update on the post WW II class C-2 freighter he is building for the seaport scene on his B & M layout. Dave is constructing inner holds for several of the holds on the ship, as well as making detailed metal, wood and canvas hatch covers. This promises to be an outstanding model when completed. Dave is currently looking into finding a material to simulate heavy canvas. Anyone with idea on this subject is asked to contact Dave.

Feature Clinics

Ops Clinic Asst. Supt. Norm Cattell presented a brief but detailed clinic on how to start an operating group for a home layout. Norm covered a large array of topics and gave members a list of items to consider when planning a first time operating group. Norm covered a number of operating ideas from TT & TO to track warrants to CTC/signal systems. Any of these systems are workable but Norm's advice is to start slowly and simply and then build toward greater complexity as you become more experienced.

Video We finished the evening with a video presentation on Jerry Albers Virginian layout. Jerry is a well-known modeller from Cincinnati and his layout includes another iteration of Allen McClelland's famous Virginian & Ohio Railroad. It was an excellent video and provided many ideas on what it takes to build a large state-of-the-art home layout.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:35 pm.

Submitted by John Roth, Division 1 clerk.