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Division One Meeting Minutes September 28, 2018 Meeting called to order by Supt. McMullian. Welcomed 7 new attendees who briefly described their MR interests.
Business Meeting

1. The Christmas party date is December 14. Complete info will be available at the October meeting.

2. October 20 Layout Open House - Norm Cattell, John Roth, Dave McMullian. Info in Train Order.

3. Lansing Convention The 2018 NCR Convention will be Lansing on October 11-14 with excellent clinics and layouts.

4. 2020 NCR Convention will be hosted by the Black Swamp Division at the Holiday Inn French Quarter. The dates are October 15-18, 2020. Dave McMullian will be convention chairman and will soon organize a committee.

5. This year's BSD meetings will include several panel discussions on topics such as DCC, operations, etc.

6. Show-n-Tell will be open to models you can show, tools, techniques, photos, and videos. Members are encouraged to bring as many things to share as possible.

7. The Train Order is now being edited by Paul Marsden and distributed via an emailed link that takes you to an online edition (no more pdf downloads). It will be distributed approximately 10 days before each monthly meeting.

8. The BSD contact list was distributed for signup and updating.


1. John Gardner displayed and described 7 HO locos he rebuilt from various parts and assemblies.

2. Bill Volmar showed his On30 Welsh slate quarry loco he built on a toy train chassis and power unit.

3. Jim Treadaway displayed a scratchbuilt mine and did a slide presentation on design and construction.

4. Dave McMullian showed slides of various train rides he took over the Summer, some stations he saw, latest work on his layout, and photos he took of the prototype for his Cobleskill Coal elevator.

5. Norm Cattell did a PowerPoint presentation of taking down and reconstructing his layout to remedy basement water problems.

Feature Clinic

The feature clinic presentation by Norm Cattell included many slides and lots of prototype info on refrigerator car operations, including icing and transport of perishables.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30. Next meeting is Friday, October 26.

Minutes submitted by Jeff Schumaker