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Division 1 meeting minutes September 29, 2017 Supt. McMullian called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. There were 34 members and guests in attendance.
The following guests were present:
Jim West interested in N & G scales
Marshall Stull working on multiple small layouts
Steve Kapela who is currently deciding on a scale and layout theme
Nancy Whitehill Garden railroader in G gauge
Bryan Allen guest from Division 5
Richard Marquardt HO scale
T.J. Stratton models the NY central from Blissfield to Adrian, Michigan including Lenawee Jct.
I New Business

1 Age of Steam Roundhouse wrap up. We had 46 members and guests turn out for our Age of Steam Roundhouse tour in June. This was the largest turn out ever for a division field trip. The owner of the roundhouse died on 9/13/17. Please see the division website for a link to his obituary.

2 Convention review. Supt. McMullian reported on the 2017 Grand Rapids convention. Future conventions are Division 5, Lansing, Michigan for 2018; Division 8, the Clinton River Division, will host the 2019 convention. Division One, the Black Swamp Division will host the regional convention in 2020.

3 Review Meeting Dates. Our next meeting will be held on October 27. Our November, 2017 meeting had to be moved forward by 1 week and will be held on December 1, 2017. This date change was due to a scheduling conflict at our new meeting site.

4 Library. Due to a lack of accessibility and use, the board of officers has decided to break up the division library. Members who wish to have their donated items returned may have them. At our December 1 meeting, we will hold a silent auction where division members may bid on items for sale. Any items not sold may be purchased for a donation. There will be no give-a ways. Details on the auction will be presented at the October 2017 meeting.

5 What's New to the Black Swamp Division? Asst. Supt. Norm Cattell outlined ideas for new programs at the division as well as some options for future events that our change of meeting site to Proclaim FM has afforded the division. Proclaim has a large gymnasium that is available for rent. In the future, the division is looking into the possibility of having a regional model railroading showcase event where members from all divisions in the region can come together for a one-day event of modeling clinics and possibly local layout tours. More information will follow later. Norm also discussed our new meeting format, which will feature a shorter business meeting to allow for more time for modeling clinics, forums and discussions. For members who wish to have sidebar conversations during the meeting, a small room separate from the main meeting is available in the building foyer. Finally, Norm explained the ideas he and Ray Huber had for a new format for the "Train Order," our monthly division bulletin. They would like to see more member contributions on modeling topics, photos and articles of interest on rail history. Norm announced that this year we will have a series of clinics on weathering, layout planning, operations, tree and scenery modeling, structure modeling and kit bashing. We will also be having some panel discussions on this topic. We will have some nationally known clinicians come to the division to give presentations. The division is changing our layout tour format. Instead of the layout of the month, we will go to two mini-layout tours, one in the fall and the other in the spring. This would take place over a three-hour period on a Saturday morning. Norm stated that we will have a modeling contest sometime during the upcoming meeting year. Details on the contest will be explained at a later meeting. Finally, the door prize format has also been changed. Instead of multiple item door prizes, we will have two $10.00 gift certificates each month for local vendors such as Hobby Lobby, Hobby Town and Harbor Freight Tools.

The business meeting adjourned at 7:40 pm.

II Show-N-Tell

1. Norm Cattell gave a video presentation on his layout with a special emphasis on his new meat packing plant operation. He also showed up a removable bridge to allow access to his water meter.

2. Steve Glass brought in a number of HO scale freight and passenger cars he had rebuilt from inexpensive kits or purchases at train shows. Steve brought in a B&O passenger car, a NYC boxcar with added details, a NKP boxcar with door from a different model, and ACY yellow boxcar with new coupler boxes upgraded using the A-line jig and tap 2-56 set and a Tyco C&O covered hopper of a rare C&O prototype car.

3. Steve Kellogg brought in a KATY model of a Stewart AS-16 rebuilt a GP-& without dynamic brakes. This was a fine model of an extremely rare prototype. Steve also brought in a Santa Fe U28C passenger engine rebuilt to correct standards using a variety of later U-Boats for parts.

4. John Gardner brought in a rebuilt American Flyer O gauge PRR K-5 Pacific. John had purchased this engine approx. 20 years ago as a box of parts. He had to scour the internet to find missing and replacement parts. This is another rare model. John also presented a short video clinic on using plastic water bottle caps to work as housing for some of the new mini speakers now being made in China for DCC sound systems.

5. Jerry Sahagian brought in a short freight train made up of an Alco FA-2 and assorted cars that had been modeled by Don Bigney, a division member who died several years ago. For those of us who knew Don, if was a great reminder of valued past member of the division who is still missed.

6. Dave McMullian brought in a model of four Maine Potato houses he is working for his Maine themed layout. The models are built of foam-core board shells overlaid with the exteriors. These models represent prototype potato houses found in Sears Port, Maine where they were then trans-loaded onto cargo vessels for shipment worldwide. Dave also showed a photo backdrop he modified from an internet photo of Mars Hill, Maine. Dave photo shopped the picture and had it printed at the Staples store in Bowling Green, Ohio.

7. Bill Volmar brought in a kit bashed On2 rail bus. Bill constructed the body by cutting up a Thomas-the-Tank Engine HO scale passenger car, then adding a variety parts from different sources to produce a truly unique piece of rolling stock.

8. Ray Huber gave us a video presentation of how he built a single stall brick engine house by modifying a building he had in his junk box. Ray added scratch built doors and stairway then painted it with an airbrush.

9. Steve Kellogg gave us a brief video presentation from his slide collection of rare or otherwise unusual engines that he had taken around Toledo in the 1970's.

Submitted by clerk John Roth