Convention Registration

Registration Process
We are going to have a number of different ways to register for the convention.

  • Fill out the paper version of the registration form, and send it in with the payment
  • Fill out a digital registration form, submit it, and send the payment separately
  • Pay on line
Currently we have only the paper form available, and we are working hard getting the other approaches ready. If you like to be one of the first to know to when other registration options become available, join our email list.

It is CRITICAL that you give us an e-mail address in your registration information. All convention confirmation/news/updates will ONLY be done via email.

Lunch reservation orders needs to be received by 9/15/2020

Polo Shirt orders needs to be received by 9/1/2020 to guarantee delivery at the convention.

Registration by Mail

Open the form from the link below
Print out the form, fill it out, and
send via the postmaster to registrar.

Click here to open the registration form.